Soothing Sunset

I’m addicted to sunsets. After a busy day nothing is more calming, or cleansing, than a beautiful Colorado Sunset.DSC04769


Rugged Beauty in Northumberland


The colors of Northumberland change with the weather.

April Showers?




Magical Snowfall

I looked outside and my garden was transformed into a glowing fairyland. By spring I’ll be tired of the snow, but right now, its magical.

DSC04001 More

It slides over the Rocky Mountains


A dark cloud slides across the sky. It devours the beautiful blue and orange sunset. Another snow storm creeps towards us.

Good Morning Snow Shine



The Earth says HELLO!

Winter – Fresh and New



Evening Storms

It’s Spring in the Rockies and another evening storm rolls in. The long hot days of summer will be here soon, and we will remember the refreshing drenching spring storms, and wish they were back.


Dead of July_Cover_in-template

Spring is Coming

How do I know? The crazy woodpecker is hammering away on my metal chimney with its beak. When I hear that noise (which must give the poor bird an awful headache), I know spring is just around the corner. It gives me itchy feet, I want to plan a vacation. There will be no vacation for me until after June. I have a wedding to plan for my one and only daughter. Exciting times Instead I look back to last year, and the wonderful seascapes in Mexico.  DSC01281





Dead of July_Cover_in-template


The Rocky Mountains in Spring

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