Small Change and Sausages

When I first visited Italy I was 16 and accompanied by my mum and my crazy aunt Jennie. I had lots of fun. So much fun that even back then I knew I’d live here one day. The Euro was not the currency during my visit in 1973, it was the Italian Lire. There were around fifteen hundred lire to a British pound, and small change was so small it was barely used. Instead the storekeepers would give you a couple of Italian sweets/candies. It made me laugh, but made my dear old aunt quite crazy.

The Euro is worth a little more than the Lire was, but it seems small change is still quite unpopular here in Italy. Today I shopped in my favorite butcher, lovely man, first class meat. He had no small change and instead gave me sausages (salsicce). I had a big smile on my face when I walked out of his butcher shop (macelleria), and when I got into my car, I laughed out loud. It totally made my day!