More on Retirement

Sixty three, I say it to my self often, and in awe that I reached this age. I survived three day open air rock concerts, and all that went with them. I survived motorcycle accidents, car crashes, life in general and here I am still.
I work pretty hard, and write, and have hobbies and interests, but now, instead of having the energy to run with them all, I need to choose. Weekends used to be a time of fun, but now they are a time of errands, chores and recuperating after a busy work week.
In my head I’m still 25, but my body disagrees.
Waking up to the early mists that sometimes blanket the hilltop villages of Abruzzo is tempting. The sun comes up and burns them away, making a perfect beach day.

Yes I lived to reach 63 years old! I read the news and all that is happening in the world. I’m not afraid of Coronavirus, but it makes me realize we’re all vulnerable. How much longer do I have to enjoy retirement?

Gluten Free – Beware!

gluten_free_club_cartoon_gluten-ectomyAfter fighting stomach issues for a while, I discovered I may have Celiac Disease. I had all the signs of adult Celiac, right down to the early onset of mild Osteoporosis. Nothing to panic about, just a lifestyle change…come on, its only gluten. I can still drink wine!

I cut gluten from my diet in January and after about a month, began to feel the benefits. My stomach issues aren’t gone, but I’d say they’re 70% better. The main thing I noticed, after being gluten-free for over a month, is how different I feel. I didn’t realize I had brain fog until I didn’t have it anymore. I feel nimble, even though I haven’t lost a huge amount of weight. Three or four pound slid away without my noticing, but nothing drastic.

I’m sharper, quicker to react to things. The difference is quite stunning and I’m very happy about it. Having told you all of this I want to add a big BEWARE!

My diet since January has included more fruit and veggies. I buy Gluten Free pasta and substitute rice for a lot of things. Not a big hardship really. However, this weekend I decided to treat myself to some Gluten Free crackers. Just felt the need!


I read the package carefully and it stipulated everything was Gluten Free! They made me sick! My stomach became bloated I got heartburn. All the old symptoms I’d worked so hard to cure returned, and quickly. So Celiac people, and those of you who are Gluten intolerant beware. Stick to naturally Gluten Free foods its safer.