Happy Easter – In Loving Memory of Ethel and Wilf

Both of my parents died in the spring time. My dad died in 1988, and my mam in 2002. It seems like yesterday.

When Easter comes around I think of them both.

My dad was buried over the Easter weekend. 

Easter in England is a time of family picnic’s, walks, gatherings and pub lunches. I miss my parents the whole year round, but particularly at Easter.

Love you Mam and Dad. I hope you are together for Easter.

In loving memory of George Wilfred Newman

and Phoebe Ethel Newman.

Easter in England

easter season 097


Brompton Church

When I think of you both, I think of the beautiful English countryside and our Sunday ‘outings’. I hope you are both proud of me now. I am following my dreams and becoming a writer. It took long enough.

Insipiration from Nature

How can I not be inspired when I wake up every morning and see this majestic sunrise. Colorado and the Rocky Mountains in all of their beauty would inspire the most unimaginative souls.

My dream has always been to write, and Colorado is helping me to live my dream.


Dead of July (Small)

My surroundings inspire me to write. Since I was thirteen, I have put my thoughts, dreams and ambitions on paper. More stories have been tossed aside than I care to mention, simply because I never had the courage or confidence to show them to anyone. Now I am in my mid fifties and my stories are demanding to be heard, so after a couple of short stories (a practice run to test the water), I am ready to release my first novel. ‘Dead of July’. I am not afraid anymore. Check out the preview below. My novel will be released in July. I am extremely excited and hope it brings excitement to the life of anyone who reads it. Check out the preview below.

Preview Dead of July


Good Morning Deer

The sun sneaks up from behind the trees

DSC00129and morning breaks through




The deer watch me from a distance,

Maybe wondering if I have a camera, or a gun.

Good Morning Deer – I won’t hurt you.

And now it’s back to writing to my book!

Snowy Sunrise – Franktown Colorado

Yes, I changed the header again. I am just having so much fun with the panoramic view on this camera. I’ll get over it. I snapped a couple of photos before I went to work this morning. What I really wanted to do was drive into the mountains and spend the day taking photographs……oh well.





Now the weekend is ahead and I have to put my camera down for a while and concentrate on my other hobby, the one I am trying to turn into a career, and that is writing.

My first short story ‘Girl on the Beach’ is still selling modestly. It was my first published work so it has a special place in my heart.

‘Dead of July’ is my first full length novel and it will be published in July 2013. I am very excited about this one.

Preview Dead of July

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Have a great weekend folks and thanks for stopping by.


Sunday Morning Coffee and Labor Day!

Labor day weekend! I am very glad for three days off work, but as an implant to America, and an exBrit, I had no idea what Labor day was all about.

I googled it of course, which was a big mistake, and left me very confused.

I read several reasons for it being a holiday, all to do with the workers of course. What ever the reason, I appreciate it. For my  friends and family in England, who may be reading, see below.

Detroit Labor Day Parade

According to Samuel Gompers, Labor Day differs from all other holidays celebrated in our country in every essential aspect. Unlike other holidays, Labor Day is not a celebration of any particular event or person, nor is it a religious event; Labor Day is the day to commemorate the efforts and contributions of all the working class men and women of our nation. The first Labor Day was celebrated on 5th September 1882 (which was a Tuesday), in the New York City. Who actually founded the idea of Labor Day holiday, is a slightly debated topic. While some historians credit this feat to Peter McGuire (General Secretary of The Brotherhood of Carpenters&Joiners and cofounder of American Federation of Labor); others believe Matthew Maguire, a mechanist, proposed the idea in 1882 while serving as the secretary of Local 344 of International Association of Mechanists in Paterson, N.J. Well, whoever might have proposed the idea, it was finally the Central Labor Union that finally accepted the proposal and set up a committee to plan a celebration and demonstration on 5th September 1882. Later the labor unions chose first Monday of September to celebrate Labor Day because it occurred halfway between Independence Day and Thanksgiving Day

All I knew when I celebrated my first Labor Day here in the United States (in 1995) is that you weren’t supposed to wear white shoes or trousers after labor day as it as a bad fashion statement.

It was a huge outdoor grilling weekend as it marked the last holiday weekend of the summer.

It is a three-day weekend, the weather is gorgeous, it’s the last Holiday before Thanksgiving.  I am going to make the most of it.

Tomorrow I am going for a bike ride, but today…………I am going to labor on my novel. ‘Dead of July’.

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Cowboys and American Saddlebreds!

I was raised on a farm. A farm that bred prize Angus bulls, sheep and race horses.

Remember Davey Jones from the Monkees? He was a visitor to the farm where I was raised. He rode at Middleham stables close by.

So was Willie Carsons. You had to live in England to appreciate Willie Carsons. Because of my background, it was only natural that Joanna wanted to ride horses. I was happy that she chose to do this, little did I know how much it would cost.

Just across the road from where we moved, was a big red barn, run by Eileen. Miss Eileen, as she was known to the kids.

From the first day we visited Miss Eileen at the big red barn, I knew Joanna was hooked. I felt like I had returned to the farm on which I was raised, I walked into that barn and smelled horses

Joanna learned how to ride. To be honest, it came natural to her. She was born to ride. I loved watching her ride. I rode with her. We took trail rides together. It was fun.

After a while it became more than fun, she became competitive. Joanna got her first taste of  horse shows. She loved winning those blue ribbons.  We were having fun. We met real cowboys and we felt like we were in the Wild West.

Both Joanna and I were having the time of our lives. We lived and breathed horses!

Keep reading for my updates on our trips to Kansas City Wichita and the Stock Show.

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Party Central in Bilston!

We had a busy and fun time in Birmingham and Bilston. I Slept like a log on Thursday night after our lovely meal with family I never knew I had. On Friday morning I  took a long walk to New Street, the Bullring and the Mailbox shops in Birmingham, all very nice. The best bit though, was the market. There were Market stalls as far as the eye could see. Indoor and outside. I stood for a while and listened to the ‘barrow boys’ shouting about their wares.

Monica at party central!

At around one o clock Monica and Teri, Lester’s sisters turned up, along with Teri’s son Miles. After a liquid lunch, we followed them to Lester’s brother’s house Bilston. Dolty (Lester’s sister-in-law) took us for a brief visit to the cemetery to visit Indiana Regina Thompson’s grave (Lester’s mum). After that it was PARTY TIME.

I am pretty sure the whole of Bilston knew we were partying as the huge speakers blasted reggae music into the night. More curried goat, fried dumplings, fritters, chicken, ribs and the most delicious Jamaican rum cake.

Party in full swing

It was incredible how many people squeezed into Dolty and Ten’s house. It was a very chilly night, but the BBQ in the garden (and the rum) kept the chill away. I think there may have been a hundred people there. We were so honored and thrilled that they all took time to come and see us. Joanna was overwhelmed and happy to meet family she never knew she had. The Thompson side of the family is big, and getting bigger. We held the cutest looking kids you ever saw, seriously!

I reconnected with family I hadn’t seen in over 20 years, and met others for the first time. Lester was having a blast, as was Joanna. As the night progressed the music got louder and it reminded me of the seventies and eighties. Ten used to be a DJ and his music collection spans time.

We were sad to say our goodbyes at the end of the night.

We had a very slow drive from Birmingham to Darlington (county Durham). Rain and road works made it hard going. We made it though and arrived at my brother Bill’s in the late afternoon. Nice to see him, now I know why I am so eccentric, I follow in his footsteps. We will get together more over the next few days (and maybe I will actually sneak a photo of him).

Tonight it is the reunion with my nieces, and their family (who I will be meeting for the first time).

Lester's brother 'Ten'

Traveling to learn

Quick post before I leave for the day to my AuthorU event. Looking forward to mixing, networking and learning.

Not traveling far, just a short trip to Aurora Colorado to an event arranged by the very successful Book Shepherd’s.

Also hoping to get a review on my two Novella’s.

My first novella is set in Brompton on Swale, North Yorkshire, England. I moved from Brompton in 1977, when I married my Husband.

My second Novella (below) started in Blackpool in Lancasire and ended in County Durham, where I lived as a child. Now I live in Colorado so travel has always been a big part of my life. You can download ‘Girl on the Beach’ free from  Girl on the Beach (free) Smashwords

Both books can be purchased from Words from beyond or from the links below. 

Becoming American

We were becoming American

Free e-book (Smashwords)
On September 30th of 1995 it was Joanna’s eleventh Birthday and the day started out bright and sunny. It was a Saturday.

We were getting extremely excited about moving into our new house, it was becoming more than just a dream as we watched the house being built. We were starting to buy things a little at time as Lester was the only one working so we had to be careful with money, not wanting to get into debt.

For her birthday Joanna got lots of things for her new bedroom, and that made her happy. She had good friends at West Middle School, which was in the renowned Cherry Creek School District, and even though it meant leaving them behind and starting a new school, she was very excited.

We drove down to Parker that Saturday, as we did almost every Saturday, to check the building progress. Lester still laughed at the way they built houses over here, as he was used to bricks and mortar, not wood. He called them matchbox houses, but that’s how they were built and they looked just fine.

It was snowing by the time we left Parker. Blink and the weather changes in Colorado in the Autumn. I think we celebrated Joanna’s 11th birthday at the movies and then got food to take home. I knew we were all very happy with the way things were going. Even though we didn’t realize it, we were becoming American.

You can purchase my first two short stories from  Words from beyond   or by clicking on the links below.

The Garden of England!


After staying with our good friends Sharon and Michael Dolly in London, we will make a short trip to Hook Close in Chatham, Kent. Not planning to stay, other than to have a coffee and a pastry with my good friend Angie, that I worked with many moons ago!

Kent is known as the garden of England!

Kent was the perfect place to grow flowers and they grew beautifully.  Canterbury was my favorite place to shop.

I am looking forward to visiting these places again, but they don’t compare with my home in Colorado, with the deer in my back yard and my view of the mountains.

I had forgotten the beauty of Kent

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