When I’m 64!

When I get older, losing my hair, many years from now….remember the Beatles song?
Yes, so do I, loved it.
Well now I’m living it, I just turner 64!
I’m surprised to have made it this far. The snow and frost on this January morning match the color of my hair.
Heres to the next ten years!!!!

First Snowy Sunrise of the season!


First snowy sunrise of the season, cold clear beauty!

A Little Band of Sunshine


Haven’t seen the sun for at least three days, but look, a band of brightness. I believe the sun is breaking through! Colorado sun shine down on me!








April Showers?




Cold Sunset



Happy Christmas Eve

DSC04085I woke up this morning feeling a little sad. It’s the first Christmas in thirty years I’ve spent without my daughter. I must admit, I shed a tear. She’s all grown up and married now, so we have to share Christmas and Thanksgiving. The first one is tough, but maybe it’ll get easier.

Having no other family in the US, and no close family even in England, it means the Christmas table will be set only for two. My husband and I! First time in 38 years we’ve been alone together for Christmas. I’ll let you know how that works out!

In the meantime, have a wonderful Christmas everyone, from my quiet home in Colorado, to your home wherever it may be!

Hurry Up – I’m Hungry


I was a little late feeding my feathered friends this morning. This little chap was waiting for me.

Eve of December

It’s the eve of December and it’s cold,

Winter crept up on us this year.

Only yesterday the sun shone brightly, smiling on my skin,

Now its the eve of December and it’s cold.



Snow and Blue Sky!


Perfect day in Vail Colorado. Can’t go wrong with blue sky and snow!

Vail Art



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