Drive in Saturday

I never wake up on a Saturday morning without this song in my head. Now you have it in your head too! Enjoy your Saturday!

Knees up Mother Brown (Thompson in this Case)

As I put the finishing touches to my daughter’s wedding, which is creeping up on me, I remembered this song. If my Mam or Gran were around they’d say I was planning a ‘knees up’.

I guess I am. I know less than half of the people invited to this wedding, so really I’m feeding a bunch of strangers, and then getting them drunk. I’m sure by the end of the night they will no longer be strangers. Memories will be made, along with new friends. It will be a night to remember, and at the end of it I will have a new son-in-law, a very nice on at that.

So enjoy this somewhat old, but thoroughly amusing song. Some of you may even remember it.

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