Del Frisco’s Denver Tech Center

It occurred to me that I go for happy hour after work much more frequently than I go out for dinner, so why don’t I share the best watering holes around my office? I don’t know, so I am going to start now.

Tonight I relaxed after work in the lovely, classically western Del Frisco’s. I ‘ve been there a couple of times before for dinner, but not recently. When I stepped through the door I immediately felt welcome. The oak panels, subdued lighting and wonderful atmosphere helped my troublesome day melt away.

I wish I could remember the name of the delightful young lady who served me, but I can’t. She recommended wonderful wines (and not the most expensive on the menu) and tasty appetizers.


We sat at a table close to the bar and people watched.

The staff was attentive and friendly and everyone looked extremely relaxed and comfortable.

So there were no ‘happy hour’ wines on the menu, but the prices weren’t unreasonable. I think it has become my favorite watering hole, and it may be the oldest in the area.  If you work in the Denver Tech Center, it’s worth visiting. Heck, if you don’t work in the Denver Tech Center, it’s worth visiting. Maybe I’ll see you there.

Article by Sandra Thompson, author, blogger.

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