Life is a confusing battle!


Do we all have this constant battle? I know I do, you make a decision because it feels right, then your head says “No, wait!”

Oh my goodness, you can go around in circle for hours, days, weeks!
As I get older I let my heart win a little more, I feel as though I have less to lose. I’ve refrained from things that just don’t make logical sense, even if they feel right, not all of the time but probably 75%.

We moved to the US from England because it felt right, that was a biggie. Raising a child in a country we didn’t know so well. It worked out well, there were battles, but we have a strong, confident, successful daughter.

I didn’t quit work to be a full time author because my brain stopped me.
“You need to stay at work and earn money, keep your health insurance, save for your future.” I’m not sure if that was the right decision or not, but I don’t think I suffered from it.

Now I need to work on doing things my heart tells me to do. It’s telling me I should retire before my health suffers, it’s also telling me that the altitude of living in Colorado isn’t good for me. So I’m listening. In the not too distant future I’m retiring to Italy with my husband. We’ll enjoy the oxygen of living at sea level and the tranquility of village life. Good food, good wine and good folks.

Now my brain still struggles because my daughter lives in Colorado, but my heart knows she’s married to a good man and doesn’t need me anymore.

Maybe for once in my life my heart and brain are working together.

I hope so!

The Glory of England

My Childhood Home

My Childhood Home

My mum worked here as a housekeeper.

My mum worked here as a housekeeper.

Many long happy days were spent on the farm

Many long happy days were spent on the farm

Easby Abbey - Richmond In 1977 I was married here.

Easby Abbey – North Yorkshire. In 1977 I was married here.

Richmond Castle

Richmond Castle

Richmond, North Yorkshire.

Richmond, North Yorkshire.


Preview Dead of July

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Before I publish my book ‘Dead of July’, I am taking a trip down memory lane and remembering what made me the person I am today. My Childhood was spent in the North of England. When I visited my old haunts a couple of years ago, I realized just how beautiful it was, and how lucky I was to have started my life there. Over the next month or so, I am going to share more images of my past. I hope you enjoy them.

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The Journey of Life

In 1957 I was born to a loving mother, and a father who loved alcohol, working mans clubs and greyhounds.

In 1967 my drunken abusive father was a distant memory. My mum had re-married and we lived in a lovely village in North Yorkshire with my step dad. I was no longer the ‘odd one out’, or was I? I was always a ‘little different’.

I didn’t have to go to jumble sales to get my clothes anymore. The pantry was full of food. My step dad loved me and tried hard to make up for the years my mum and I struggled. Life was normal at last.

In 1977 I got married to a British soldier. It was a controversial marriage at the time because he was ‘black’ and mixed marriages were still frowned upon a little. It was an interesting and very enjoyable wedding.  I was very happy. We went to Babbacombe for our honeymoon. I was young and in love.

Have you ever noticed that the first ten years of your life seems like and eternity, the second ten goes a little quicker…..after that, its warp speed.

By the time 1987 came around I had lived in Dorset, which is the most beautiful county in England. I also lived and Dortmund, Germany for three years.

Whilst living in Dortmund, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl…Joanna. It was so hard to think of a name as I was convinced she was going to be a boy (Benjamin). The name Joanna came from the ‘Kool and the Gang’ song. It is the perfect name for her because the love and happiness she brought into our lives made us want to sing.

By the time 1997 came around, my husband had left the British Army to work for the Bank of England. After working for the Bank for five years, and living in Kent we moved to Denver, Colorado.

Colorado is beautiful.

In 2007 my beautiful talented daughter had left home, was done with college (DU), but still worked on her Masters. She had a full-time job and was already smarter and more successful than I would ever be. I had been married for thirty years and my unromantic husband surprised me and took me to Paris for a vacation. We went to the ‘Jules Verne’ for our Anniversary dinner. It was spectacular.

The ‘Jules Verne’ is half way up the Eiffel Tower. It is a beautiful unique dining experience and was the highlight of our trip to Paris. It was a fabulous vacation. We stayed on the left bank, which in my opinion is the ‘right’ side of the river. We went to the ‘Moulin Rouge’, which was a great experience. We drank champagne every single night, and we were very sorry to leave.

Now it’s 2012 and I have been married 35 years.

My beautiful daughter has a very good position at a successful company as well as going to Law School.

My husband is well-respected in his field and works very hard. He also runs his own IT Security Company.

And what about me? I have a good job too, but I also write and writing is my passion. I have finished my very first full length novel, of which I am very proud. Would I like to be a best-selling author? Of course. If it doesn’t happen it won’t break my heart though because I know I have given it my best shot.

I have written two short stories, based on my life experiences, which have done pretty well. They should have been edited better, but I was still a novice. My novel ‘Dead of July’(Preview) Dead of July will be edited and polished before it is released later this year. I am proud of it. My life has been quite a journey and I have lots to write about so this novel may be the first of many.

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