Lazy Days of Summer

I forgot about book marketing and writing today, and had a lazy day at home.

I had to pop out to the local Cantina in Bomba for some wine which was a pleasure. The Cantina is on a beautiful country road, a road I love to drive. It’s bordered with wild flowers and wild fruit trees. Gorgeous.
I bought a five liter box of their Vino Bianco, and a five liter box of Pecorino. The local wines are really good, better than I ever bought back in the US. Ten Liters of wine came to the grand total of…twenty one euros…yes, thats less than thirty dollars. Life is good!

I stopped at my favorite garden center and bought a few more plants for my terrace too. Have to be surrounded by pretty flowers while I drink my wine!

Pottered around trimming, repotting, and enjoying the day. Then cleaned myself up a bit and dragged my husband up to the piazza for a couple of drinks. Prosecco for me and Birra Italia for him.

It’s a hard life being retired.

Take care everyone and stay safe, get vaccinated, this new variant is a bad one.

Calm after the Storm


Hot day followed by a hail storm makes for a beautiful cool evening.

Memories of Summer

As I wonder where the summer went, I think about the lovely days it brought. How quickly we slipped into Fall.

I concentrated so hard on finishing my novel, Summer passed in a blur, but I have my memories.

The beautiful flowers of San Francisco.

The beautiful flowers of San Francisco.

San Francisco

San Francisco

Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas

Fun on the desert on an ATV

Fun on the desert on an ATV

Yes I have my memories to keep me warm and hopefully soon, a novel to sell. It would be lovely if it was a ‘best seller’.

A girl can only dream.

Dead of July (Small)





Bring on the Summer


Love my home in Franktown, Colorado. I love the  tranquility, the view, the people and the solitude. I also love the local bar, the Stage Coach.

Although only 45 minutes from downtown Denver, I enjoy over three acres of peace and quiet. I wake up every morning to a view of the Rocky Mountains. Pikes Peak to my left and Devil’s Head to my right.

Deer graze in my backyard. I don’t hear the noise of neighbors or any highway. I am truly secluded and I love it.

All I need now is the Summer.

So bring it on, I am ready.


The healing power of Summer rain.

We have had a hot, dry Summer in Colorado this year. I am a sun worshipper, but the heat this year was too much even for me. I believe it has been in the nineties since May with very little rain. The hottest summer ever to be recorded, but last night we got rain. Look how Fresh and beautiful it is now.

My plants, trees and what flowers remain are thankful for overnight downpour.
Let it rain tonight too!