A Little Band of Sunshine


Haven’t seen the sun for at least three days, but look, a band of brightness. I believe the sun is breaking through! Colorado sun shine down on me!








Sunny Sunday!

sunny sunday

Bitter cold, but beautifully bright.

Serious sightseeing day.

Its a bright and sunny Monday morning in Roma and we are getting ready for breakfast. Can’t wait to get out and about and see more of this wonderful city with its colorful history and people.
Its hard to choose which photos to post here as I have already taken so many. Plus the wifi sometimes launches everything into cyberspace. Will post some tonight though. I am in love with Roma!

OK the day is over!
What a day. Took one of those open top sightseeing busses to get our bearings, even though everything is within walking distance. We got off at the Coliseum and walked around there for a while. It was a great place to see, so much history surrounding it. My brain is on total overload, just so much to see. We stopped fro dinner at Campo Di Fiori on the way back. Off to Vatican City tomorrow. One of the photos attached is the view from our room at sunset.