Sunday Morning Sunshine and Terror

Dayton shooting

Two mass shootings in two days. They are so common place now we barely talk about them anymore. I don’t want to glorify or memorialize the shooter by talking about him, I want to bring attention to the terror he brought to the deceased and injured, and to those families who lost loved ones. So many folks scarred for life.
This has to stop. Military type weapons SHOULD NOT be for sale. Why would anyone want to buy such a weapon?
The current President of this country, who I can’t even bring myself to name, sends a message that hate and racism is OK.
Greed and terror rule, when will this end?
Sorry for my rant, but I’m tired of seeing lives lost. It happens so frequently now. It has to stop.

My heart goes out to everyone involved. But Mr. Trump, please don’t end your ridiculous tweets in GOD BLESS. You are the least godly man I know!



Green Lady

Walworth Castle“Show your friend around the castle while I clear away the dishes.” Christine’s mum has said, “I’m sure you’d like to see it wouldn’t you sweetie.”

“Oh yes I would, is it really haunted?”

Christine and her mum looked at each other, “Och no, it’s a story to scare folks and attract visitors, no ghosts there.”

Christine led me out of the huge dining room and through several doors to the front entrance of the wee castle. It wasn’t huge like most castles, but a miniature version, maybe a quarter the size, but it was perfectly formed and beautiful. I gazed at the ornate ceilings that looked like upside down wedding beautifully iced.

It was cold in the castle, even in August.

“Why is it so cold?” I asked, but got no answer.

My friend Christine had disappeared.

“Christine!” I yelled, alarmed.

The door in front of me slammed shut. I turned and ran to the door at the opposite side of the room. I was scared, although I didn’t know why. It slammed shut too,  just before I got there. Grabbing the handle I tugged on it, willing it to open.

“Christine it’s not funny, let me out”

The temperature dropped quickly and I began to shiver. The sun blasted through the huge windows and I ran to them, hoping to get someone’s attention. The wooden shutters closed on their own. I was trapped in darkness.

The door behind me opened slowly, its ancient hinges groaning.

“Christine that wasn’t funny,” I said as I turned around.

Oh no, please, no!

I wanted to scream, but couldn’t muster up the energy. Terror sapped my strength as I backed slowly away from the green light that seeped through the door. The room was icy cold, my breath formed a cloud hovering in front my face.

The air was full of whispers!




Wolf Spiders – A Nasty Incident!


Does anyone like spiders? I guess there are probably one or two freaks out there who do. Tonight I parked my car in the garage and hauled my shopping into the kitchen. As I unpacked it I felt something on my arm and swatted at it without looking, thinking it was a fly. I felt it move again and looked. Dear God I wish I hadn’t. On my shoulder, comfortable as can be, sat a baby Wolf Spider. Had it been fully grown my heart may have stopped beating completely. As it was I screamed and swatted it onto the floor. Then I ran in circles in the living room, yelling words I didn’t know I knew. Yes, I was alone! No one to rescue me or take care of the beast in my kitchen. I plucked up courage and approached the scene again. The spider sat on the floor, probably a little dazed because we spray the house for insects regularly. It wasn’t moving as fast as it could, but it was moving.

Sorry, at this point I can’t say I acted humanely. I didn’t touch the thing (ugh), but it got a fair dose of spider spray before I put the glass over it. It’s in Spider Heaven now, but I’m still itching. Dammit why do they scare me so much?