Snow and Blue Sky!


Perfect day in Vail Colorado. Can’t go wrong with blue sky and snow!

Vail Art



Winter creeps in!

It’s not quite winter yet, but it will be soon. I woke up to a frost this morning! first-frost2On my drive home from work tonight I passed a house adorned with Christmas lights. It looked magnificent, but it’s only November 9th. We’ve just got through Halloween, Thanksgiving is just around the corner, but Christmas…..

Winter crept up on me this year!

I suppose it’s not such a bad thing. I had a wonderful summer. Memories of Italy are still fresh in my mind.


I look to Thanksgiving with happy anticipation because it’s a time to gather family and friends together. This year in Vail. Snow and a steaming hot tub. What could be better?


Yes winter crept up on me this year, and I’m going to enjoy it!

Orange and Blue – The Color of Calm



Thanksgiving curse!

Heart shaped Christmas lightsNot the kind of curse to threaten anyone but me!

I got sick over Thanksgiving last year. I was home alone on the Sunday following Turkey Day! The pain and fever wasn’t the worst of my sickness. It was the hallucinations. I believed my mother to be with me. She died back in 2002. Other people passed through too, people who were no longer on this earth. I thought I’d died. It lasted a terrifying three days. Reality faded in and out.

When I finally clawed my way from my grave of sickness I was amazed to find our Christmas lights twinkling outside. Who had gone into the shed, retrieved them and hung them? Certainly not me, unless I did it in my pyjamas. In sub-zero temperatures I doubt it. The Christmas lights on the deck made the shape hearts, maybe my mother wasn’t a hallucination. Did she visit and magic them up in the shape of hearts to show she loved me? I suppose I’ll never know for sure!

It’s Thanksgiving again, and I’m not feeling well. Exactly the same symptoms as I had last year. Is it a Thanksgiving curse, or a reason for my mother to visit? My husband is here this year so at least I won’t be alone.



Black Friday Blaaaaaah Day

There is so much hype about Black Friday. When I first moved to the US I had no idea what it was, I thought it meant something AWFUL was going to happen. When you look at the photos on the news, it looks like something awful already has.

Black Friday


SERIOUSLY? Can anything purchase be worth this?

Shoppers stand in line, overnight, in the hopes of getting a bargain. If someone beats them to it, a fight breaks out. Don’t you just LOVE the Christmas spirit!

I’ll meander though the mall leisurely when I decide to finish my Christmas shopping because I certainly don’t want to give someone a gift I had to fight for.

Looking forward to Saturday, the day of supporting local businesses, that’s what the season is all about.

If you have any ‘book worms’ in your family, check out my first novel. It would make a good stocking filler. The first five people who comment on my blog, with a photo of themselves holding the book, will bet my second novel for free! Give it a try.

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Happy Thanksgiving


Here in Steamboat Springs it is a perfect Thanksgiving morning. Despite the lack of natural snow, everyone is still having fun on the one slope that is open. Will I snowboard tomorrow? Maybe!


There is so much to do in this beautiful mountain town, that I may try something new.








One thing for sure I am very much looking forward to a lovely traditional Thanksgiving Dinner with friends and family.

I am giving thanks today for my friends and family. Also for the wonderful staff at the Steamboat Springs Sheraton who are here at work despite the holiday.


Thanksgiving in Steamboat Springs

2012 marks my seventeenth Thanksgiving in Colorado. We moved to the US in January of 1995 and spent our first Thanksgiving with our new friends, enjoying the occasion immensely. I couldn’t be persuaded to eat pumpkin pie (and still haven’t tried it), but the rest of the meal was delicious. My daughter was only eleven in 1995 and sat at the children’s table.

She is all grown up now and this year we have been invited to spend Thanksgiving in Steamboat Springs with her boyfriends family. What a treat! I have cooked Thanksgiving dinner several times since 1995, but don’t quite capture the atmosphere. This year I am looking forward to the hospitality and traditions of another American famlily, and making more new friends.

Steamboat Springs, Colorado is a wonderful place at any time of the year, but with a little snow on the ground, and the smell of turkey’s roasting in the oven, it will be heaven.

Maybe I can work off my Thanksgiving dinner with a little snowboarding on Friday.

Known as Ski Town USA, Steamboat is a charming western town in the mountains. Unlike Vail and Beaver Creek, it is not at all pretentious. Cowboys ride horses in the snow in here. I am very much looking forward to my trip.

Photo taken from National Geographic


Giving Thanks in Vail

It is a truly beautiful day here. I walked along the river from  Lionshead  to Vail Village and didn’t even need a heavy coat!

There was snow on the slopes, but mostly man-made so I decided not to snowboard. Lots of people were both snowboarding and skiing, but they were probably better than me and could handle it.  It looked icy!









The walk by the river was gorgeous. Everyone I met was relaxed and cheerful and wished me a Happy Thanksgiving.

I relaxed too, and enjoyed the beautiful friendly village of Vail. I should come here more often.

Looking forward to a lovely Thanksgiving dinner that I don’t have to cook myself!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. 




Thanksgiving – Christmas – Confusing for a Brit


I hope it snows


I have lived in the US since 1995 so you would think I would be used to Thanksgiving now…..wrong! Every single year, as Thanksgiving approaches, I panic.

In my mind I am preparing for Christmas and all my gifts must be bought before the last Thursday in November. Crazy!

I shop for the Thanksgiving meal, which confuses me even more. Yes I know, I should be used to it because I have been here for sixteen years, but I lived in Europe for 38 years with no Thanksgiving.

I think this year may turn things around though. My family will be spending Thanksgiving in Vail. Someone else will be shopping for the Thanksgiving meal and I will just sit down and enjoy it.

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