Happy Easter – In Loving Memory of Ethel and Wilf

Both of my parents died in the spring time. My dad died in 1988, and my mam in 2002. It seems like yesterday.

When Easter comes around I think of them both.

My dad was buried over the Easter weekend. 

Easter in England is a time of family picnic’s, walks, gatherings and pub lunches. I miss my parents the whole year round, but particularly at Easter.

Love you Mam and Dad. I hope you are together for Easter.

In loving memory of George Wilfred Newman

and Phoebe Ethel Newman.

Easter in England

easter season 097


Brompton Church

When I think of you both, I think of the beautiful English countryside and our Sunday ‘outings’. I hope you are both proud of me now. I am following my dreams and becoming a writer. It took long enough.

Thanksgiving in Steamboat Springs

2012 marks my seventeenth Thanksgiving in Colorado. We moved to the US in January of 1995 and spent our first Thanksgiving with our new friends, enjoying the occasion immensely. I couldn’t be persuaded to eat pumpkin pie (and still haven’t tried it), but the rest of the meal was delicious. My daughter was only eleven in 1995 and sat at the children’s table.

She is all grown up now and this year we have been invited to spend Thanksgiving in Steamboat Springs with her boyfriends family. What a treat! I have cooked Thanksgiving dinner several times since 1995, but don’t quite capture the atmosphere. This year I am looking forward to the hospitality and traditions of another American famlily, and making more new friends.

Steamboat Springs, Colorado is a wonderful place at any time of the year, but with a little snow on the ground, and the smell of turkey’s roasting in the oven, it will be heaven.

Maybe I can work off my Thanksgiving dinner with a little snowboarding on Friday.

Known as Ski Town USA, Steamboat is a charming western town in the mountains. Unlike Vail and Beaver Creek, it is not at all pretentious. Cowboys ride horses in the snow in here. I am very much looking forward to my trip.

Photo taken from National Geographic