Vasto – Abruzzo – Italy


Amblingh Residence – Vasto – Abruzzo

Going over photos from my last visit to Italy, I found this! The view we enjoyed while we ate our last breakfast in Italy after our whirlwind house buying visit. This photo was taken from the breakfast room of the beautiful Amblingh Residence in the gorgeous sea-side town of Vasto. I’ve added it to my list of favorite places. It was the epitome of Italy. Beautiful beaches, restaurants with tables outside, high up on a cliff and overlooking the turquoise waters of the Adriatic. By day the gentle waves reflected golden sunlight. By night a bejeweled coastline.

Any doubts I had about spending our money on a retirement home in Abruzzo were dispelled as I ate delicious local breakfast breads, washed down with cappuccino and soaked in the view with a background of Italian conversation.

Check the link above to discover the best place to stay in Vasto. Can’t believe I want more people to discover this beautiful old town. Instinct tells me to keep it to myself, but it’s just too good not to share.

Villa La Terrazza – Sorrento

Beautiful Villa La Terrazza

I briefly blogged about Villa La Terrazza whilst I was in Italy.  Now that I am back at home in Colorado and more organized, I would like to show you more breath-taking photos of the views from its fabulous terrace. We came across this place by accident as we wandered around Sorrento trying to decide where to have lunch. We must have looked very lost because a guy who originally passed us leaving the Villa, turned around and came back. He introduced himself as Andrea Azzariti, and proceeded to show us around his beautiful accommodation.  Andrea obviously loves his villa, and was gushing with pride and hospitality. Please take a look at his website which is This link is also under my blogroll.

Views from Villa La Terrazza

When visiting Sorrento, this is the place to stay. 

A great place to relax in the sun

What better way to relax and enjoy the incredible views than on the terrace of Villa La Terrazza with its swimming pool overlooking the sparkling blue waters below. 

Closer to the Ocean than the Excelsior Hotel

Andrea also owns yachts and has half and full day excursions. is where you will find more information about these tours. Even though Andrea had never met us before, he took us down to the beach below, and recommended restaurants to us. I will insert one more photo and then leave you to check out his web sites. Andrea, it was good to meet you, I hope to return and stay in La Villa Terrazza soon. 

Could it get any better?