Food Glorious Food

Since retiring I’ve not had to worry about setting an alarm to wake me up, but today, I did! Dean Martin, singing “Amore” caressed my ears at 7:00 am. Using an alarm to rise and shine at 7:00 am makes me chuckle. When I still worked I woke up naturally at 6:00 am, even at weekends. Life changes as you get older.
The early start was because we had a volunteering date to help clear away trash from the shores of Lake Bomba. Meet up time was 8:30 (which translates to around 9:00 am Italian time). For around three hours in beautiful surroundings, we filled black plastic bags with bottles, cans and paper. Can’t understand why everyone can’t clean their mess up after them, but it is what it is.
All the walking made us very hungry and our delicious meal at L’onfrio pizzaria in Villa Santa Maria was well appreciated. Pasta, lamb and panna cotta! I ate too much, drank to much, and when I got home, I closed my eyes and slept for thirty minutes or so. All in all, it was a perfect Saturday!

The Folks of Abruzzo

Villa-Santa-Maria-5Four weeks today, yes I’m still counting. I get weekly emails from my amazing contractors in Abruzzo, showing me the progress of my kitchen, my lovely staircase, and of course my new gas boiler. This may be oh so boring to some folks, but these emails keep me going through the long winter days at work.

I can’t believe how friendly the village folks from Colledimezzo are. I now have an English-speaking contact there. A wonderful gentleman who lives close to our new home. It may be our new home, but the old stone building is probably hundreds of years old. Some things are worth waiting for, and this is one of them. I can’t wait to become “one of the folks of Abruzzo”