Hey Ho Hey Ho and Back to Work I GO!!!! (Unwillingly)

On June 20th I picked up my first visitors from Denver International Airport. We had a lot of catching up to do, and sat out on the deck until well after dark drinking champagne and beer (yes the guys preferred beer). It was lovely! On June 21st, same flight different day and more visitors. Cocktails and appetizers at a local watering hole occurred once they had checked into their hotel. For the last two weeks, evenings were spent partying, with a wedding somewhere in between. Now, two weeks later I’m on my own again, looking down at what was once a flat stomach……oh well, a couple of weeks of sensible eating and exercise will fix that (I hope!). Now on the eve of my first day back to work, I pause to think. Can I make my living writing? It would be my dream career, but easier said than done. Do I take the risk and devote eight hours a day to it? Not sure I’m ready for that, so I unwillingly prepare for my first day back at work. I like my job, but I like writing better…..one day!

Bride and grooms dudes

The Bride and a couple of the wedding party.

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My Absence – And my excuse

A wedding

I’ve been absent for a while, but I think you will understand why. There was a wedding! My one and only daughter has married a wonderful young man. The wedding lasted one day, but the celebration has lasted for two weeks. It was a great excuse to get friends and family together from England. Almost time for everyone to leave, but the memories will linger, so will the love.

Knees up Mother Brown (Thompson in this Case)

As I put the finishing touches to my daughter’s wedding, which is creeping up on me, I remembered this song. If my Mam or Gran were around they’d say I was planning a ‘knees up’.

I guess I am. I know less than half of the people invited to this wedding, so really I’m feeding a bunch of strangers, and then getting them drunk. I’m sure by the end of the night they will no longer be strangers. Memories will be made, along with new friends. It will be a night to remember, and at the end of it I will have a new son-in-law, a very nice on at that.

So enjoy this somewhat old, but thoroughly amusing song. Some of you may even remember it.

Remember, Love is what makes the world go around and around and around.

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Indulgence and Bridal Showers


It’s a rainy Sunday, which is quite unusual in Colorado. It makes me feel like I am back in England so I’m indulging myself is a huge cup of coffee (with cream), DazBog of course and some toasted home-made bread spread thickly with Kerrygold butter. To some of you this may not feel at all like an indulgence, but to me, who has been having freshly juiced veggies for breakfast for months, it is. My daughter gets married in just over a month, and wedding photos are forever. She, of course, is beautiful. All eyes will be on the bride, but as I take a sneak peek at myself in those photos I don’t want to think, “Oh my, why didn’t you lose a few pounds?”


Yes, there was cake at the Bridal Shower yesterday, flour-less chocolate cake……it was delicious. I didn’t eat a whole slice, but it was tempting. There were seafood crepes too, and bottomless Mimosa’s. I picked at my brunch and drank my mimosa’s slowly. (Well slower than normal, I still had a few)

Do I want to be skinny? NO, been there, done that, it doesn’t suit me.

Do I want to be healthy? YES, and I think I’m there. Listen to your body folks, it usually tells you what to eat, and if you eat badly, it lets you know.

What was this blog about? Nothing really, I’m just having a chat with my friends in the blogging world before I get on with my weekend chores.

Have a lovely Memorial Day weekend and remember those who gave their lives so we can enjoy ours.



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Deep Breaths, Weddings and Dreams of Italy


I’m planning a wedding and writing a book

I’m also a housekeeper, wife and cook

My full-time job keeps my busy all day

In a Legal Department the Corporate way

The wedding in June will be a lovely affair

A beautiful party for the happy pair

Next year Italy, three weeks for a rest

Will I make it that long?

I’m doing my best.


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When you catch yourself screaming “I want BACON wrapped around the dates not prosciutto!” you know the stress of planning a wedding is getting to you.

DevilsThat was a month or so ago, and I did apologize to the bewildered caterer. How could she be expected to understand the importance of bacon.

When the sachet’s of ‘throwing lavender’ turned up sealed with superglue…..I burst into tears.

lavenderWhat is wrong with me? My only daughter is getting married, that’s whats wrong. I’m stressed!  I want it to be a party of a lifetime for her, something to look back on with joy and happiness.




wedding cartoon

Ok my sense of humor hasn’t completely left me. For those of you planning weddings for yourselves, or your daughters…..take a deep breath when things go wrong and just carry on.

I have drawn the line at a couple of ridiculous things. Fifty dollars for two lamb chops? I think not! I did however give in to $60 a liter for organic ice cream (I told them to serve sparingly).

The count down is on, two months to the wedding. I will survive. Cake ordered, menu chosen, dress, shoes etc., all on track. The last hurdle is visiting the florist tomorrow at Estes Park. How much do flowers cost? I have no idea, but I will remain calm…..stay tuned for more escapades of the unexperienced, but learning fast, wedding planner.


Oh, by the way, along with all of this…….I’m trying to market my book. Don’t even ask me how that’s going!


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Della Terra – Estes Park






The beautiful setting for my daughter’s wedding in June.


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Spring is Coming

How do I know? The crazy woodpecker is hammering away on my metal chimney with its beak. When I hear that noise (which must give the poor bird an awful headache), I know spring is just around the corner. It gives me itchy feet, I want to plan a vacation. There will be no vacation for me until after June. I have a wedding to plan for my one and only daughter. Exciting times Instead I look back to last year, and the wonderful seascapes in Mexico.  DSC01281





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Love – Marriage – Family

DSC00763After a crazy two months I found time to take a day off. It’s my daughter (Princess Joanna’s) birthday, and after endless Mimosa’s we escaped to the park to take some photos. There is a wedding looming on the horizon, so some fun photos for the wedding website are a must.

We had a blast!

It was all a little much for her fiance though.


Little Princess enjoyed it too.

Little Princess enjoyed it too.

Spend more time with your family, it’s the only one you have.


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Hotels – Love the Grandeur

I love to travel and stay in Grand hotels. My favorite Hotels are the older ones, the Hotels with history. The Grand Flora in Rome is one of my favorites and I will go back one day. From its grand marble staircases, to it’s incredibly friendly staff, my vacation was complete. I was in Rome staying in a beautiful hotel.












My home is the colorful state of Colorado, and Colorado has its own hotels. I have stayed in a few, but none compare with ‘The Brown Palace’ in Denver.

I had the pleasure of spending a night there this past weekend.

My only daughter is getting Married so we had an appointment at Best Designer Wedding Dresses in Denver — anna bé bridal boutique

We met in the Brown Palace and enjoyed a glass of champagne before visiting the beautiful Bridal Boutique, where we were greeted by Michael, the senior stylist. My daughter, myself and four of our closet friend enjoyed more champagne, whilst perusing the wonderful designer dresses. With Michael’s help we found a gorgeous dress, veil and belt. We celebrated with more champagne of course.

After another celebratory drink in a local bar, we made our way to Linger, where we had dinner reservations. Fabulous restaurant, fabulous dinner. We saved room for dessert at ‘Little Man Ice Cream’ and sat in the park enjoying a glorious August eventing.

Exhausted, I took a cab back to the Brown Palace to enjoy the peace, tranquility and Luxury of this historical landmark.




Do you think it looks haunted? It is of course.







Gorgeous stained glass ceiling

Gorgeous stained glass ceiling

















The bed was so comfortable, that I wouldn’t have heard a ghost had one visited my room. I slept like a log. The following morning I enjoyed a wonderful complimentary breakfast at my window table, and then lingered for a while to take photographs.

Even though this gorgeous hotel is only forty minutes from my home, I felt as though I had stepped into a different world, or maybe a different era. Next time my crazy hectic life stresses me out, I will remember this little haven of tranquility and escape to it. Maybe it will inspire one of my future stories.

If you are in the Denver area, give it a try. You won’t regret it.


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