No Smoke Without Fire!

Another lovely photo of Colledimezzo. I think the storm clouds make the colours of the village even more stunning.

Odd day today. I woke up later than usual because it was so dark. There was no bright sunshine blasting through the windows to motivate me. I could smell smoke. The sky was a murky grey with brown undertones. Hard to see where the smoke ended and the clouds began. The fire planes were still gobbling the water from Lake Bomba. Horrible! Made me feel sad and lethargic.

After lunch we needed to escape the house, so we jumped in the car took a road we hadn’t travelled before, ending up in the town of Castiglione Messer Marino. Although it was a beautiful town we drove through without stopping, wanting to explore the vista beyond. We didn’t get far because after turning a sharp bend we found ourselves engulfed thick smoke. Ash fell from the sky like snow. We turned back, horrified as the blacked hillside revealed itself. Such a shame. I think they have the fire under control now, no more yellow planes dipping into our lake.

I went for a walk this afternoon and, much to my relief, it started to rain. It wasn’t heavy enough to stop my walk, and I enjoyed its freshness. Let’s hope it rains a little longer and extinguishes these awful fires. I don’t want to see anymore charred Abruzzo countryside.

Good Morning Colorado





Dead of July (Small)

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When it rains….it POURS.

After watching Colorado burn for the last few weeks, it was nice to get some rain. Of course Colorado always goes from one extreme to  another and this afternoon was extreme. I love Colorado storms, providing I am watching them from a safe place. One thunderbolt almost knocked me off my feet today. It sent me running for cover, much to the amusement of my husband, who had been threatening to increase my life insurance for years. Yes I would chase tornadoes too, given the chance.

The one thing I have learned about Colorado storms is they are intense, dangerous and very exciting.

And after the storm, the local wildlife enjoy the moisture.

Now the temperature has dropped to 77 degrees instead or 97. It feels good. It may not last very long, but I will enjoy it while I can.

Wildfire Sunset

My thoughts and prayers go out to the brave firefighters that are fighting wildfires burning throughout Colorado and New Mexico.