The Face of Confusion


Oh no! I forgot to set the alarm! I’m going to be late for work!
That is how my day started today. I opened my eyes and the clock said 6:30 am, an hour later than my alarm should sound.
I jumped out of bed, switched on the light and went to start the shower.
My hand hovered over the stainless steel lever.
Wait a minute, it’s Sunday!

Happy Sunday everyone, I hope you remembered to spring forward.



Jack Frost



First Snowy Sunrise of the season!


First snowy sunrise of the season, cold clear beauty!

Cold Sunset



Calm after the Blizzard

The sun shone and the trees shed their blanket of white. Gone as quickly as it came.DSC04023

Magical Snowfall

I looked outside and my garden was transformed into a glowing fairyland. By spring I’ll be tired of the snow, but right now, its magical.

DSC04001 More

Winter creeps in!

It’s not quite winter yet, but it will be soon. I woke up to a frost this morning! first-frost2On my drive home from work tonight I passed a house adorned with Christmas lights. It looked magnificent, but it’s only November 9th. We’ve just got through Halloween, Thanksgiving is just around the corner, but Christmas…..

Winter crept up on me this year!

I suppose it’s not such a bad thing. I had a wonderful summer. Memories of Italy are still fresh in my mind.


I look to Thanksgiving with happy anticipation because it’s a time to gather family and friends together. This year in Vail. Snow and a steaming hot tub. What could be better?


Yes winter crept up on me this year, and I’m going to enjoy it!

March – In like a Polar Bear!


Snow gently falls outside. Tiny pin pricks of ice stick to everything. The sliding screens are frozen shut. I heard my husband struggling with the garage door this morning. It was frozen to the concrete. Winter hasn’t let got of us and won’t for another month at least, but this is Colorado, it could be seventy degrees tomorrow with blue skies. Days like this just remind us we’re still in the winter months. So I’ll throw another log on the fire and enjoy the cold weather…..from inside.

Dead of July A novel by Sandra Thompson

Goulash, Dirty Rice and Pouilly Fume

Very cold day in Colorado, but I didn’t let it beat me, I wrapped up in several fleecy layers, and went for a walk.  So glad I did. I enjoyed the lovely winters day.  A couple of miles was all the temperatures would allow.  My face was frozen by the time I got home, but I felt better for being outside in the fresh air.

I started cooking when I got home, it’s a cooking sort of day. Hazy sunlight outside now as the sun tries to pierce the freezing mist. Quite lovely to look at.

The rice, mushrooms and french beans are in the pan along with the rice. To heck with healthy, I’m cooking them in bacon fat. Goulash is simmering and smelling fantastic. I should drink beer with this, or red wine, but there was a bottle of Pouilly Fume in the wine fridge calling my name. Who was I to argue? Happy Saturday everyone.


Icicles on a Snowy Day


I don’t mind working in my kitchen because the view is spectacular. Usually I see the mountains, Devil’s Head and Pikes Peak. Today I see icicles.

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