Me in the Middle


I’m the one in the middle. Always ready to laugh, always ready for fun. As a kid I was ALWAYS in trouble. I turn every situation into a story.

Other than my family, the important things in my life are writing and visiting Italy. I  finally realized my Italian dream and bought a house in the small village of Colledimezzo, which is in the Chieti province of Abruzzo. I’m just as pleased as punch. I have another dream to fulfill now, to make it as a writer.

My second book, Ghosts on the Sand, is almost finished. I’m working on the last short story in this compilation. It’s called “The Engineer” and is a tongue in cheek black comedy set in Italy. Watch out for my new book and help me achieve my writing dream. Who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy it.



Easy like a Sunday Morning!


Trying to breathe deeply, relax and enjoy the view before I bury myself in my book edit.

My Journey through the Week. TGISaturday

crazy-computer-womanDid you ever have a week where every day was worse than the one before? I just did.

I started the week tired after a weekend long fiction writers conference. A great conference, but exhausting none the less. Busy time at work with a large deal closing. I’m also remodelling my bathroom, which meant running around in my lunch times, as well as after work to choose and match tile, granite, cabinets etc. I’m not quite as young as I used to be, and it’s catching up with me. Yesterday I could barely get out of bed, but it was Friday, I made it.

At last the weekend is here, all be it crammed full with things that have to get done, but I can do them in MY OWN TIME. Who knows, I may even find time to write.


My work week was a little wild

I made it though to my surprise

The weekends here and I’m alive

For now anyway!

Check out my first novel Dead of July – a German Ghost Story

Maybe I’ll find time today to work on my second one.

Stop Talking to Me

Crazy British Writer – a journey

I was a troubled teen. Life wasn’t the way I expected it to be. I quiet often felt lonely, different. My life was boring. How did I fix this? Like all teens, I experimented with things that weren’t good for me, but I don’t need to go into that. Eventually I found something that made me feel good, I started to write. Words flowed from my brain, filling hundreds of pages, maybe thousands eventually. I wrote stories and poems, some of which I shared with friends. A couple were published in teenage magazines. This was quite an accomplishment because there were no personal computers back then.

That was forty years ago. Now I am in my fifties and writing again. I started with a couple of short stories, which I published on Amazon. Good stories, but my inexperience showed and I have taken them down to re-edit.

I have finished my first novel, a paranormal thriller called ‘Dead of July’ and am very excited with the way it turned out. My editor, a lovely lady called Leslie Miller, has just given it back to me, and yes, I need to make a lot of changes, but they are good changes. They are changes that will make a good story into a ‘great story’. I am very excited.

In my mid-fifties, I have discovered my passion, writing. Watch out for my novel ‘Dead of July’, and remember, it’s never to late to start a new journey.

Dead of July (Small)

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My New Sony DSC RX-100

I was born with a camera in my hand. I never go anywhere without one and honestly, I could set up a camera museum. I never part with my old ones. I have cameras ranging from Casio to Olympus and Pentax, and several Canon’s which I loved. When I was younger, I had more lenses and filters than I could carry. I treasured those photos. As I love to travel so much, I have thousands of photos filling dozens of albums.

I was hesitant to try to first digital camera, but in 2001, my husband bought me a MINOLTA DiMage 7 for Christmas. It had 5.0 Megapixels (I didn’t actually know what a megapixel was until then). I LOVED IT. He also bought me a Olympus photographic printer. Heaven on earth.


That was 12 years ago, and how quickly the world of digital camera’s changed. My first camera soon became slow and cumbersome and as I got older, my eyesight got worse, so I went to a very simple Casio. It took great photo’s and it was quick. Well it was in 2009. By 2011, it became dated, so my ever patient husband bought me an upgrade. Another Casio but this time it had 12 mega pixels and was much quicker.of It did the trick. It was easy and took fantastic photos, but then disaster struck.

I left it in a hotel room whilst on a trip to the mountains. I called as soon as I realized what had happened, but not everyone is honest and it was a case of ‘finders keepers’. I have a back-up camera (my old Casio) and there is always my iPhone, but I needed a new camera. What should I buy?

I did some research and decided, because of the type photographs I take, I need something a little more professional. Yes, I know, I am older, my eyesight isn’t so good and I had strayed away from cameras with all the bells and whistles…….but after some research this one caught my eye. I talked to someone who already had one (as a second camera) yes he is still young and has great eyesight.

My husband bought me a book written by Alexander S. White, called ‘Photographer’s Guide to the Sony DSC-RX100’ which I am using as a reference. I am a writer and blogger, and because of that, need to take professional looking photos by day and by night. Follow my journey with my new Sony DSC RX – 100. Check out my photos and let me know what you think. I took a little walk today and used the i setting (idiot setting) to snap some photos. Lets see how they turned out.

I took this first one by mistake, not a bad accident right!






















All of these photographs were taken on the point and shoot setting as I got used to focusing and playing with my camera, not bad for the first day. Ok, so its pretty basic, but I have to feel comfortable with the way the camera handles before I can get fancy.

Next test? Sunsets of Course!

(PS. I am a very young 56, just in case my ‘old’ references made you think I was ready to ‘pop my clogs’)