My Journey through the Week. TGISaturday

crazy-computer-womanDid you ever have a week where every day was worse than the one before? I just did.

I started the week tired after a weekend long fiction writers conference. A great conference, but exhausting none the less. Busy time at work with a large deal closing. I’m also remodelling my bathroom, which meant running around in my lunch times, as well as after work to choose and match tile, granite, cabinets etc. I’m not quite as young as I used to be, and it’s catching up with me. Yesterday I could barely get out of bed, but it was Friday, I made it.

At last the weekend is here, all be it crammed full with things that have to get done, but I can do them in MY OWN TIME. Who knows, I may even find time to write.


My work week was a little wild

I made it though to my surprise

The weekends here and I’m alive

For now anyway!

Check out my first novel Dead of July – a German Ghost Story

Maybe I’ll find time today to work on my second one.

Stop Talking to Me


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