Searching for fairies

Was I borne odd? Perhaps. It’s hard to tell. I was always a little different though. The odd one out. I didn’t enjoy playing with the other kids. Instead I’d find a place to sit in a quiet forest, surrounded by bluebells.

Making myself comfortable against the trunk of a tree I’d sit there for hours looking for fairies. I believed in fairies and every time someone said they didn’t, I’d cry, knowing a fairy died when you said you didn’t believe.

As I sat there I’d dream about my future. Not fame, fortune and riches. I’d dream about happiness and beautiful places I’d heard of, but never seen. I’ve visited many of those places now and I think I’m ready to settle down in the one that captured my heart.

Retirement is looming, not so young anymore, but I still look for fairies. I know they’re out there.




No matter how you choose to track time, you can’t stop it, you can’t speed it up and you can’t slow it down.











I thought my childhood would last forever. Our summer breaks from school seemed endless. Wonderful times filled with bike rides, walks, picnics, family trips to the seaside. Time really seemed to go more slowly when we were kids.

Was it because we had more time?

Years stretched out ahead of us with no end in sight.

We spent many long hours building sand castles on the beach.





We would walk along the promenade with our ice creams, the cold sticky creamy mess dripping on our arms, and wonder why the old folk were looking at us longingly. The would smile and talk to us, but they looked sad.








They were us once. Now their time was passing much too quickly and they watched us with envy, wishing it would slow down.

The  first ten years of our lives seem to last a century. The second ten years go a little more quickly and before we know it, we are married, with children of our own. We rush through the day, sometimes wishing our time away.

“I wish my child was older so I didn’t have to change diapers, I wish she was in school so I could go back to work.”

Be careful what you wish for. Now my child is 28 and has her own home and her own life. I am so proud of her and all she has accomplished, but I do miss that beautiful little toddler with the mischievous grin.

Don’t rush your children. Let them enjoy their childhood because it doesn’t last long.