It’s been a while since I wandered the cobbled streets of Colledimezzo.
Three months in fact
So much has happened
The world has changed
Can’t wait to be back

It’s been a while since I gazed on the mountains and tree covered hills of Abruzzo
But the memory is so strong
I smell the scent of woodsmoke and fresh mountain air
And meatballs and spaghetti and lamb and sweet delights
Can’t wait to be back

It’s been a while since I hugged my friends in Colledimezzo
Enjoyed their laughter
Reveled in their kindness
Enjoyed their warm hospitality
I’ll  be back as soon as I can




Chilling with the Colors of the Night




Lets Say Goodbye to Mess!


Had a small addition built onto our walk out basement. It’s almost done and going to be beautiful, but with any construction there comes mess. Hopefully after today the mess will be gone.

Can’t wait to landscape with rock, flat stones and Italian pots….photos to come.

Love doing things like this!

Wish I could say its been easy! I’ve learned a lot from this process. More than I ever wanted to know.

All I can think of now is……this mess will soon be gone!

Colorado, my home

I love to travel! So many places to see, people to meet, wines to taste and things to do, but starting the day with a cappuccino on my own deck is pretty special too! Colorado, my home. DSC04354

The Tree for 2015 – Merry Christmas!

I’ve lived in my lovely home for almost 20 years and love the huge old Pine and Aspens that surround it. Every year I add a new tree. This is the 2015 addition. I can’t wait to see it grow. DSC04078

Calm after the Blizzard

The sun shone and the trees shed their blanket of white. Gone as quickly as it came.DSC04023

Twinkling Christmas





I absolutely love Christmas for more reasons than I can mention. It’s magical in every way.

I’ve lived here and there!


County Durham – England – My first home


North Yorkshire – England

I moved from County Durham to North Yorkshire. More lovely countryside and rivers

I got married and moved to Dorset, a beautiful county in the south-west of England.



Blandford – Dorset

After a few years in Germany,


Sauerland – Germany

we moved to Winchester. Aren’t I lucky?



All of these places are gorgeous, and I’m happy I had the opportunity to live in them. However nothing compares to my home here in Franktown Colorado. It’s what inspired me to become a writer and where I’ll spend the rest of my days!



Dead of July – A German Ghost Story by Sandra Thompson

Dead of July_Cover_in-template

My home town

Biker Bar 3














I lived in England until I was 39 years old. I moved around a lot, even spent a two or three years in Germany. I never felt like I belonged anywhere until I moved to Franktown Colorado. I’ve lived here for a little over sixteen years. It’s a small town with nothing but farms, horse ranches and good people. The local watering hole is the Stagecoach Saloon, good food, great music and the best bar staff in the whole of the US.

Dead of July_Cover_in-template

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